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Google Ads For eCommerce

Google Ads For eCommerce

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One of the best sponsored search programmes for generating quality pay-per-click (PPC) leads and ongoing new business is Google Ads (previously AdWords). While effectively controlling your monthly ad cost, it might be difficult to achieve top exposure in cutthroat industries.
 To get the best results from a PPC campaign, careful continuing maintenance is necessary. DN Media Google Ads management services are created to focus on your target audience and utilize techniques that optimize ROI, minimize waste, and guarantee that your ad spend is allocated exclusively to the most effective campaigns and keywords.
 For optimal value and effectiveness, our Google Ad campaign method involves initial setup and optimization, followed by continuing reporting, assessment, and account management.

Optimization of the first campaign/account setup.

Whether your Google Ads account is brand-new, requires some tweaking, or both, we adhere to a variety of best practises, including:
⏩  Based on search query volume,
⏩  Competition, budget, and desired exposure, do keyword research to find new chances for target key phrases.
⏩  Create many advertisements for each ad group, including copywriting for ad names and descriptions, by developing ad groups.
⏩  Set a spending limit and a bid strategy.
⏩  Set up your account settings for the best ad display and budget use.
⏩  For each campaign, decide on a geographic target.
In order to fend off unqualified leads, compile a list of negative keywords.
⏩  Setting up performance targets for form submissions and phone calls is known as conversion tracking.
⏩   Quality control: Integrate Google Analytics, experiment with conversion objectives, keep an eye on average placements, and make sure that all key phrases and ad text have Google's approval.
⏩  When new visitors arrive on your pages, review the landing pages and offer advice for conversion optimization to generate leads (otherwise, what's the point?)

Monitoring and reporting for campaigns.

Once your campaign is running, we closely monitor to guarantee the best possible performance:
⏩  For the best results and return on investment, continuously monitor campaigns and modify bids.
⏩  Analyze the effectiveness of the adverts and the conversion rates.
⏩  Spend more of your spending on the advertisements and phrases that have the best historical conversion rates.
⏩  Create a monthly report that includes a summary of campaign activities and recommendations for the future; this data will be used to determine any monthly performance modifications.
⏩   As new programmes and ideas are established, work with your marketing team to put up new campaigns or change current efforts.
⏩  We are pleased to offer advice whether you are considering or experimenting with Google Ads for the first time or if you are unsure if the effectiveness of your current Google Ads campaign may be enhanced by expert management. For a free consultation, please use the form below or get in touch with us directly.